Welcome new members!

Thanks for joining New Mexy Etsy!

Here are some things you may be wondering about how to connect with other New Mexy Etsians.

How can I stay in touch with everyone?

There are several ways. Please follow this blog so you get an email anytime something new is posted. Many of us stay in touch on the New Mexy Etsy team forum on the Etsy site, but others prefer Facebook or Twitter or to read this blog. Subscribing to the blog will give you information on team meetings and upcoming events, as well as interviews with other members, hints and other fun stuff that doesn’t fit in small format of some social media programs. You can also sign up for a digest of all the conversations in our Etsy team forum by going here and clicking “subscribe to email digest” near the bottom on the left side.

What tags do I use for my items on Etsy? We’ve got a few tags going on Etsy. They are: New Mexy Etsy, NewMexyEtsy and NewMexyTeam

What is the team account name I should follow on Twitter? @newmexyetsians

What’s our hashtag (#) on Twitter? #newmexyetsy

What would a sample tweet look like? Something like: “I just listed these summery pastel earrings with aqua, yellow and grey by @BlueQuailCrafts http://etsy.me/JIj9j2 #newmexyetsy”

(If you are wondering what a hashtag is and does and why it is an important tool to use, read this.)

I have also created a Twitter list of NewMexy Etsy artists. If you follow me @bluequailcrafts, I will add you to the list. More on lists and their usefulness right here.

How about Facebook? Yep. https://www.facebook.com/NewMexyEtsy

Are you on Pinterest, too? But of course! One of our members has a page of New Mexy Etsy work here: http://pinterest.com/aspinnerweaver/new-mexy-etsy-team/

How can I promote the work done by team members? One easy way is to create a treasury in Etsy. A treasury is a collection of items from different shops, usually with one theme, be it a color, a shape, or membership in a team. WE love to show off the treasuries made by our team members. Please email bluequailcrafts at gmail.com so I can share them on this blog. If you need to know more on creating a treasury, read this.

You can also promote others (and yourself!) by retweeting what other members put on Twitter. Use the newmexyetsy hashtag to search for work by others, or follow a fellow artisan to be sure you see their tweets. More on retweeting here and following others here.

Is there one way to reach everyone at once? Not really. Some use our Facebook account, some just use Etsy. If you are interested in joining and old fashioned database of members, email bluequailcrafts at gmail.com and we will add you to that. By adding your name and info, you also will get access to the list in case you want to reach certain members by email.

Let us know your blog address, if you have one, or whether you’d like to contribute to this one.

We look forward to meeting you.

Blue Quail Crafts


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