Treasured: Red Hot!

‘New Mexy Etsy’ by FairiesMarket

Red Hot!

Mother Sun 5 x 7 Digital Pri…


New Mexico Sunset Necklace


Blue Truck


Halloween Victorian RIP and …


Round Devil Halloween Clip A…


Turning is an 11×14 acrylic …


Red Ocotillo Flowers in Resi…


Pillow Sham


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Treasured: Something Blue for an Autumn Wedding

‘Something Blue for an Autumn Wedding’ by JulieAnnJones

Treasury featuring my fellow New Mexy Etsy treasures!

Handpainted Silk Charmeuse S…


Mermaid Necklace, Mixed Gems…


PRINT 8×10 of Within Fantast…


Larimar Teal Blue Vintage Gl…


Light Blue Tiffany Inspired …


Things Are Looking Up, acryl…


Ceramic Owl Aqua TV Night Li…


Rectangles, dark blue linen …


Milagro Heart Embroidered Fe…


Beadwoven bracelet, aqua blu…


Bee and flower


Large Blue Serving Dish


Royal Blue Cobalt Blue Peaco…


je taime tee you pick size a…


Blue Irish Crochet with A Sp…


Mini book of Haiku — Miniat…


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Treasured: Cool New Mexico finds

‘Cool New Mexico Finds’ by StuckOnSilver

Summer has chased chilly weather away but beat the heat with these cool finds!

Duet in Turquoise and Blue P…


Beaded Hearts Delight All Oc…


Crocheted Choker/ Necklace/ …


Umbrella Tshirt, Ladies Tee …


Blue Roses Irish Crochet Nec…


Mystic Crystal Ball Necklace


House of Iris/ Casa de Lidio


Large Blue Serving Dish


Blue, Purple and Clear, Abst…


Linen Table Runner 14×120


Clove Cooler


Marie Antoinette Soldered Pe…


Rain Cloud Earrings Silver C…


Naked Ladies Tote Bag


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What tags do you use?

We have so many great new members, and a few have asked what tags they should use so others can find, promote and treasure their crafts.

It doesn’t appear that we have one official tag, as I find team members listed under NewMexy, New Mexy Etsy and a few variations of that. So let’s vote. Chose the one you are using most, and we’ll go with what ever most people chose. Once we have a tag, we can use it on Twitter and Pinterest to build group recognition. More on that later. Voting ends July 22.

Treasured: Hello New Mexy

‘Hello NewMexy’ by ThePolkadotMagpie

Many of the items featured are from the Etsy team from New Mexico: NewMexy

Commission Your Own Blok


Mother’s Day gift Red an…


Hello Necklace – sterling si…


Pleated skirt in Grey Tartan


Vintage Brass Ball Locket Ne…


Country Primitive 3 Step Bed…


Scorpion Fish


Singer comercial 31-15 sewin…


Typography Postcard Set, set…


Coffee Soap


French Messenger bag / Cross…


Primitive Bird in White Bron…


Beefy Cedar Basket – English…


Fawn’s Turquoise Faced S…


woven navajo loafers hushpup…


Modern Reclaimed Upcycle Rus…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Behind the scenes: how I take my photos

With so many new members (welcome!), I thought this would be a good time to share tips and some behind the scenes information with each other. The idea is to let others know how you do what you do, and promote your art at the same time. I will start with something everyone can do — photos — but it would be cool to get other artists to write something on the special techniques you use or specific, unique methods to your art. Email me at if you have something you want to share!

People often ask me about the photos I take for my jewelry website on Etsy. Some friends who want to have Etsy shops worry that the photos are too much work. While pretty pics can be a bit tricky, I don’t think they take up too much time or are too difficult, once you find what works. I don’t think mine are the best out there by any means, but I am happy with them and I feel like they show off my work in a good way. Here’s an example of one I like. It’s simple, straight forward and didn’t take long.

The main thing people want to know is about my photo studio. I don’t have one.

Here’s a photo of where I shoot most of my pics.

Yes, that’s a table outside and a bunch of pots. Of course I crop out the pots and everything but the earrings.

I shoot almost all my earrings hanging from one of the pots you see. After experimenting by hanging the earrings from different things, photographing them on the ground, etc, I found I like the pots best. They are easy to place the earrings on and the light is usually good enough on all sides. In a perfect world, I’d toss in some lighting or at least a light reflector card to even it out a little more. To get the most even light, I only take the photos in the afternoon when the sun isn’t directly over head, which eliminates harsh shadows. Again, they aren’t perfect, but they get the job done.

I also experiment with different backgrounds. Almost all my backgrounds look like this:

Today I decided to try this. It’s a plastic bowl. When cropped in close, you can’t tell it’s a bowl. I’m not sure if I like the bowl yet, but I needed something to make the browns in this pair pop out. I might try something else later.

I have also tried close ups with the earrings laying flat. I do this mostly to avoid problems focusing, because when it’s windy out, the earrings don’t hold still. I don’t like it as much as the hanging earrings, however.
Here is an example:

The other day I also tried this:

I wasn’t too happy with it, but I thought it might have potential for another pair.

The other thing I tell people is to not be afraid to experiment.
I needed a good photo of this bracelet I made. Hanging it didn’t work, so I took the saucer from underneath my pot, turned it over, and rethought what I wanted to do.

A shot from above wasn’t going to work. So I changed angles and took this close up, which I like better than any overall shot.

I don’t use a fancy camera, just an old Canon G-9, a point and shoot that has a macro function. The macro makes all the difference. I use an aperture with a large depth of field, like f 2.8. That gives the photos the ability to have one earring in the foreground in sharp focus while the background blurs out, like this:

That’s it for today. I look forward to learning about other behind the scenes techniques you are using.

Blue Quail Crafts

Treasured: Desert Treasures from New Mexy Etsy

‘Desert Treasures from New Mexy Etsy!’ by CalicoSkies

Just a few of the amazing artists creating desert treasures!

Our Lady Guadalupe Cross by…


3 Cotton Dishcloths – Orange…


Frida Kahlo Doll


Mother’s Day gift double…


Hearts of the Southwest Medi…


Lotus Pendant with Agate Bea…


The South Postage Stamp Gift…


Tie Dyed Tapestry of a Citru…


Rustic Modern Rose Bowl / Ce…


on the origin of species – o…


Red Eyed Day of the Dead Rin…


Rusted gears 8×8 print photo…


New Mexico Flame Agate Set o…


Steampunk Woman Mini Noteboo…


Fiesta Peyote Cuff Bracelet …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio