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One response to “Web Presence

  1. Hi,
    We are StylishHome – a proud Etsy affiliate partner. We showcase over 50,000 Etsy products on our site on any given day. We are launching a new tool to help you promote your store and offer an alternative means of expression for your blog. Called “Idea File” – a tool for Etsy sellers to build links to their stores and products while showcasing their design style and ideas.

    Post a completed Idea File to a blog using our handy widget and, if you’re one of the first 50 qualified entries, win a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate.

    Hoping you could announce this to your team. ­­ It’s entirely free to use as often as you like. Just click this link for the details:


    StylishHome provides consumers with a variety of services to help them outfit and create a great home. We feature home décor and furnishings products from all the best stores, including the most recent handmade and vintage products from Etsy in our shopping catalog. We also provide consumers with design insights, tools and all the sales in one place.

    Thanks for considering,

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