Team Meetings

The Etsy Team meets twice a month in Albuquerque at Indie Chic, 10816 Cochiti St SE:

  1. First Tuesday of the month for an open craft night.
  2. Third Tuesday of the month of business topic discussion.

All meeting minutes will be attempted to be uploaded to this site in a reasonable amount of time.  If you are interested in hosting a meeting or helping to load/keep minutes at the meeting contact us.


One response to “Team Meetings

  1. Re: pop up store (my opinions!!)
    1. Not consignment, whoever participates pays a percentage of the rent, utilities, and costs. If rent is $700 & there are 10 people who want to participate, each person pays $70. Period! easy book keeping! (Except for charge card percentages, which would have to be figured at the end.
    3. Set up like store, not craft show. Put all kitchen items together, housewares togethr, etc. Let customers hunt for their treasures.
    4. Rent a cash register, figure out how to take charge cards, if necessary, figure out how to pay someone to mind the store.
    Have other ideas…
    PS Is it possible to make this background white & the lettering black??? (I am having a hard time typing/reading this…)

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