Team Design Challenges

Team Challenges are rather open ended, as the artist can choose to interpret the monthly subject as you see it in an art form. Participation in the challenges is voluntary.

The Challenge Format:
• 7th of the Month – Challenge posted on our team blog.
• 31st/30th (or last day) of the Month – Challenge entries are due.
• 1st of the Month – All entries will be posted on our team blog along with a poll. Anyone can vote (not just team members).
• 5th of the Month – Winner of the challenge will be announced. The winner will get to select the next month’s theme challenge and the games will repeat. The winner of the challenge also gets to spend a month on the front page of on our team blog.

How to Enter the Challenge:
• Link your creation in the “Theme of the Month” blog post. This can be a shop listing, a blog post, or just a Flickr picture.
• Add your challenge entry to the New Mexy Etsy Flickr Pool. Make sure you title your photo ‘MMYY_Challenge’
• Tag your item in your shop as ‘newmexychallenge’

Remember these are always up to your interpretation – be creative and inventive!


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