Meet the Members

Charlie of CNJ Ceramics
I create unique one of a kind hand painted ceramic pieces.  My ceramic pieces are functional and I love custom requests.
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Elle of Elle Boudreau Designs

I am a jewelry designer that draws inspiration from the change of seasons, travel to new and challenging places, and the stories I read as a child (and still do today).
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Cindi of Colorolight

I make stained and fused glass art, jewelry, sun catchers, and dishes. I love to play with color combinations and many of my designs can get very intricate and detailed.

Andrea of Andrea Rogers Art

I am an artist and constant student  that is obsessed with making things. I am a materials artist, obsessed with the way things feel.

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Beloved Bijou

Beloved Bijou uses high quality materials, that include semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, and more; to ensure that your jewelry and accessories will be cherished adornments to be handed down from generations to generations.

Erica of Caustic Threads

Cute screen printed clothing from Erica’s original art. Ladies tee shirts, onesies and children’s shirts are available in addition to a variety of other items.

Jenna of JBird Pottery

I am a clay artist from Albuquerque.  Making pottery is wonderful because I enjoy creating things that can be used everyday.   I like to make things that feel handmade, unique, feminine, and friendly.

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