About the Team/Contact

An Etsy team is group of sellers who have decided to work together to achieve a set goal(s). Generally, the people that are a part of a team share common interest and have a desire to network.

For us at New Mexy Etsy, we are a group of New Mexicans who sell on Etsy; this is our backbone. The team consist of a very diverse group of artists whose artwork can be found not only on Etsy but around the world in galleries or craftshows.

The crafts and skills of the artist are varied but all have the united goal to support, encourage, motivate, and promote each other. By working together to help build our businesses through sales, swaps, promotions and events, both online and offline the team will promote the Etsy way of life in New Mexico.

If you are interested in joining are group you can find out the details from the links below:

  1. What are the team requirements?
  2. How can I participate?
  3. When do you meet?
  4. How can I contribute to the blog?
  5. Will the team stretch my artistic abilities?
  6. How do I make it known that I am a member?
  7. Where is the team on the web?


Want to get in touch with the team? Come visit us at our Etsy page!

You can also email: newmexyetsy@gmail.com

Or tweet us: @newmexyetsy

Or find us on Flickr or Facebook! (Click the links… you may not be able to see them very well on this web page.)

To find our items for sale on Etsy, just type “newmexyteam” into the search field, and voila! Instant New Mexican goodness.


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