Become New Mexico True

This past month Annie of ASpinnerWeaver completed a live training session for the team on how to become New Mexico True. If you missed it that’s ok we have brought the training to you.

The New Mexico True Certified program is part of the New Mexico Department of Tourism.

It brings national attention to the quality, care and craftsmanship behind products that are uniquely New Mexican, while providing opportunity for small and large businesses to integrate the New Mexico True Certified mark on their packaging, fulfillment, and marketing materials.

The program is free.

Products can be in one of the following 3 categories:

  1. Made in New Mexico- products made in NM (does not require that all ingredients or components are made in NM).
  2. Born & Raised in New Mexico- Animals and livestock which produce food and fiber products. Dairy products, meat and wool.
  3. Grown in New Mexico- Plants and agricultural products, food products.


  • Company must be located in NM
  • Products must fit into one of the categories above
  • Must have a business name
  • New Mexico Tax ID #
  • Website where your product can be purchased. (either your own website, a platform like Etsy or from a retail outlet with a virtual store like Amazon).


  • Permission to integrate “New Mexico True Certified” mark on packaging and marketing materials
  • Business or product listing on (Under the tab “Things to Do” and “True Certified Shopping”)
  • Consideration for inclusion in an upcoming issue of New Mexico Magazine and/or future episodes of New Mexico True Television
  • Retail opportunity through designated New Mexico True Certified e-commerce site
  • Referral to consumer retail merchandising consultant
  • Advertising, social media, and public relations support for the New Mexico True Certified program through the New Mexico Tourism Department
  • Listing in online “Gift Guides”
  • Additional promotional opportunities as they arise




Know which specific products you’d like to have certified New Mexico True.

Be able to present ideas on how you would use the New Mexico True Certified mark if approved (e.g., packaging, website, marketing materials, merchandising, point of sale, signage, press release or other public relations outreach/materials, trade show display, storefront, etc.). You will be required to provide mockups of how you will use the logo. For example, I printed the logo and made tags for my straps, attached them and photographed. I also did a screenshot of my website and Etsy shop banner, overlaid the logo on them and saved these as jpg. Files.

If you are applying for “Made in New Mexico” certification: Photos or other evidence/documentation (such as lease or contract manufacturer agreement) of New Mexico-based facilities for the production of your product(s). Acceptable formats for upload include .jpg, .png, and .pdf. Since I work from home and have no such written documents, they asked for a photo of my production area.


If you are applying for “Born & Raised in New Mexico” or “Grown in New Mexico” certification: Source-verified third-party documentation from NMDA or qualified company such as Where Food Comes From, Inc. Must be in .pdf format for upload.

Have all of these things ready to go before you start the online application as you will not be able to save it and go back to it. It must be completed in one session.  I recommend pulling up the online application (or printing it even) answering all of the questions on paper and then returning to the online version to complete and submit.


Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by email

If accepted, you will have to:

Create your listing on the website

Print a simple affidavit form certifying that your product is made in NM, get it notarized and return it

Fill out a licensing agreement detailing the specific ways in which you will use the logo/brand and submit visual examples (mockups)


To apply:


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