Meet Beloved Bijou

Meet Myria of Beloved Bijou of Albuquerque, NM…

Four Random Facts About Myria:

  1. I’m a first-time mother to a 10-month-old baby girl.
  2. I love all things kawaii which might be strange to some because my arts and crafts don’t really reflect that.
  3. Advice: Learn anything that anyone is willing to teach you.
  4. Don’t steal people’s designs!

Why exactly Myria started crafting?

I started sewing when I was 3. My mom gave me a needle, thread, ribbon, and a button and set me down to entertain myself while she was sewing – I was hooked on being crafty from then on!

You can find Myria selling her wares at: craft fairs and on Etsy.

What Is Myria’s Source of Inspiration?

Vintage and antique jewelry, antique odds and ends, sparkly things, shiny things, pretty things (did I say sparkly things?).

My mother retired and moved from New Mexico to Arkansas and she left me with a 30 year collection of vintage and antique buttons. I was looking for something to make with them and one of my friends who is originally from Iowa told me that the ladies there make stacked button brooches. That sent me on a tangent making brooches, rings, earrings, etc.

Myria tells us a bit about one of her favorite things to create…

My favorite button jewelry that I’ve made is the military buttons set in antiqued brass filigree rings. I love how they look and I am so proud that I made them 🙂 I like the fact that they can be one of a kind if you find a rare button OR you can make a set of them to give as gifts.

Why Myria thinks you should buy Handmade?

I feel that handmade items are more valuable than items purchased at chain stores. They are unique and made with love and that, to me, is priceless!

Where to find Myria:


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