Treasured: Unusual finds for Christmas by New Mexy Etsy

‘Unusual Finds for Christmas by New Mexy Etsy’ by mesaimages

Unique and unusual finds for your gift giving this Christmas season. All handcrafted from artisans in the beautiful state of New Mexico from the New Mexy Etsy team. Enjoy and support handmade!

Seaglass and Sterling Pendan…


Fine Silver Swirls and Flowe…


FREE SHIPPING. Earrings Evan…


Postage Stamp Gift Tags – 6


Turquoise Heart Pendant Neck…


Beach Glass and Sterling Sil…


Sammy Serpent Knit Toy – Mad…


Upcycled copper and Sterling…


Stocking Stuffer, Primary co…


Noreena Jasper Designer Cabo…


Quantum Thoughts Steampunk P…


Blue, Stained Glass, Wire Wr…


Cosmic Collar – A Collaborat…


White Tree


Rose Ring Flower Ring Purple…


Pink earrings black dotted e…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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