Treasured: Turquoise – ancient, modern, versatile

‘Turquoise – ancient, modern, versatile’ by LotusJewels

Turquoise can be found all over the world. However, in the US, turquoise is associated with the Southwest. It is because the brilliant blue color reminds one of the beautiful skies of New Mexico? Perhaps. However, the turquoise stone actually comes in shades of blue, green, tan, and even white!Whether you’re talking about the stone or the color, artists in New Mexico love to use turquoise. Discover how many diverse ways turquoise is used in the art of New Mexy Etsy sellers!

Turquoise Block Bracele…


PRINT 5×7 of Hauie’…


Dream Me- Candle and So…


Sacred Heart T-Shirt – …


Pair of Standard Size P…


Turquoise with Silver a…


Maddie’s Crazy Purp…


Mojave Turquoise and Br…


Small Celadon Green Mug


Blue Mustache Scarf


Turquoise and Coral Bra…


For The Love Of – Origi…


Nevada Ribbon Turquoise…


Knave of Clubs



Beautiful Turquoise Bea…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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