DIY with Andrea: Summertime Anklet

I have been ready for summer, I think, since last fall. And one of the things I love about summer is sandals. I am a self-proclaimed flip-flop fanatic. I would wear them everywhere, if it was appropriate.

And what goes better with sandals than an anklet? I remember in High School, my aunt and uncle gave me an anklet that I wore for years straight until it simply disappeared. It was like losing an old friend.

So, boo hoo, let’s make a new one.

I used left over chain from the Bow Tie Necklace DIY, a couple of gold beads, eye pins, lobster clasps, and o-rings. And this is super easy.

I put the each of the gold beads on an eye pin. I then looped the open end around my needle-nose pliers, and trimmed the excess off.

I measured the length of chain I needed. I attached the chain to the beaded loop, then the O-Ring to the beaded loop. And on the other end, I did the same thing, but replaced the O-Ring with a lobster clasp.

That was all it took! Now, I am ready to rock my anklet with my beloved flip-flops!

Watch out summer, cause here I come.



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