Biz Tips: What does Your Shop Say?

The past couple of Mondays, I have been talking about SEO and today is no exception. Today I have an exercise that will make you more aware of what your shop says. You probably think you know, but you might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t say what you want it too.

    1. Go to Create on
    2. In the url box type in your Etsy Shop url.

Etsy Shop RSS Feed Tag Cloud

  1. Hit Submit and you get your tag cloud:

Now look at your cloud. What does it say about your shop? Does it represent your product? Does it represent you? If you aren’t satisfied with your cloud move on to the next exercise, which is brainstorming.

    1. Download this brainstorming worksheet. Of course you can just write it down too, but I like colorful.

colorful brainstorming worksheet

  1. Next in the center of each of the five starburst, but one of your 5 major keywords.
  2. On each of those rays, write a synonym. Who thought that a thesaurus would become so handy? Here is mine:

Good, now keep this handy for next week! Keep it crafty! ❤ CNJ


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