The Flickr Tutorial

Why hello Gang! It is me, Andrea, with an easy how-to.

As may or may not know, I have been charged with running our team’s Flickr account. So here is a quick run down on how to Add Your Photos to the team Flickr Pool once you have joined the group. (You can click on any of the images below to see them in a larger view.)

So before you add photos to the Team’s Group, you must first add them to your personal Flickr Pool. Click the arrow next to “You” on the top bar. It is directly below the Flickr Header. On the drop-down menu click “Upload”. The resulting screen should look something like what is pictured above.

Select the photos you want to upload. To make this easy for myself, I keep an album in my iPhoto called “Flickr” and I add the photos I want to post to that album. It is just easier for me to keep them in one place. Remember for our Flickr Pool, we would love pictures from around New Mexico, your blog posts, new products, etc.

Click “Upload”.

It will look like this when it is done:

Click “Add a Description”.

Then you add your Titles, Descriptions, and Tags. All of this is optional, it just makes it easier for people to find your pictures.

When you’re  done, click “Save” at the bottom of the Screen.

It will pull up your personal Flickr Pool. See mine:)

Go to the menu bar. Click “Groups” and go to “Your Groups”.

New Mexy Etsy will be listed there. Click that link. And it will pull up the team pool.

Click “Add Photos”. It is to the right of the words Group Pool.

A box with your photostream will pop up. You simply click the photos you wish to add. One thing, you can only add SIX photos at a time to the group pool.

When you have selected your pictures, click “Add to Group”.

And Viola! Your pictures have been added. It is a really easy process. To add these pictures took me maybe five minutes…

So why not add your pictures?

Until next time friends. 🙂


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