Virtual Fun!!! Participate in this Team Treasury Challenge from the comfort of your couch

Treasure Chest by cartoon monster

This post is an introduction to our new team challenge option. The document from now on will be available on the “Team Treasury Challenge” page on our menu bar, in case you ever need to check back about rules.


The team Treasury Challenge is a way to participate in the team without leaving your desk. By creating Etsy treasuries out of both fellow team members and fellow New Mexicans, we will build community, help promote each other, and get to see all of the beautiful work by the talented artisans of New Mexico.


You must be a New Mexy Etsy team member to participate. If you aren’t one yet, join us! We have no fees. All that we require is that you currently live in New Mexico.


  1. Create a treasury on Etsy using: (a) all New Mexico artists, (b) AT LEAST half of which must be in the New Mexy Etsy team, and (c) the chosen featured item from the previous team Treasury Challenge winner.
  2. Make up a fun title!
  3. Make sure to include “newmexyetsychallenge” in the tags for the treasury.
  4. In THAT MONTH’S team Treasury Challenge blog post, leave a comment that includes your shop name, and a copy-pasted link to your treasury. If you don’t leave the link to your treasury on the blog post, your treasury will not be judged.
  5. Entries are due on the designated deadline each month. (This may vary for the first few months, as we’re still getting our feet wet. Check the current month’s blog post for the due date!)
  6. You may enter up to 4 treasuries per challenge – one for each week of the month! Feel free to make as many as you like, and the choose your favorites for entry.
  7. There will be at least two impartial judges for each challenge. Judges may not enter a treasury in the month’s challenge that they are judging.
  8. One team Treasury winner will be selected each month.
  9. The judges will select an item from the winner’s shop, to be used as next month’s featured item. Then, next month, the winner’s featured item will be in EVERY treasury that is created!
  10. The cycle continues.


There is no cut-and-dry set of criteria here. Things we’ll be looking for include thoughtfulness, color scheme, themes, and just the pure aesthetic appeal of the treasury. In short, it should be pretty. And of course, you’ll need to follow the guidelines in Rules #1-3.


Our first treasury challenge will be due in TWO WEEKS, Friday, April 22. The featured item will be from BoardWinos, as a thank you for all her hard work on the Facebook page. If someone purchases this item, money gets donated to the cause in Japan. How cool is that?!

Here’s the first item:

Click here for the link to the Etsy item page

IMPORTANT NOTE: This sold out!!!! Way to go, BoardWinos. So, for the remainder of the entries, people can use the following item in their treasury:

Click here for the link to the Etsy item page

Make sure to include this item in your treasury! (Those who submitted with the old WINOS pushpins DO NOT need to make a new treasury.) Post the link to your treasury, with your shop name, in the comments section in this post (see example below) by April 22nd.

Happy treasure hunting!


11 responses to “Virtual Fun!!! Participate in this Team Treasury Challenge from the comfort of your couch


    Shop name: Elle Boudreau Designs

    Thanks! Feel free to email with any questions.

  2. Shop Name: Inspired by Elizabeth

    Can we enter more than 1? Thanks


  3. Hmm, that’s a great question! Let me consult with the other team leaders, and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

    Thanks for being the first to put up a treasury!


  4. It’s looking like the consensus is that team members may make more than one treasury, but within limit. For now we’ll keep it at 4 treasuries per person – one for every week of the month! If the team wants to make adjustments, this is of course always subject to change.

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  7. Hey everyone!

    This is my first treasury ever and any pointers would be appreciated!

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