DIY with Andrea: Bow-Tie Necklace

So last week I shared how I “fancyfied” 3 unloved shirts from my closet with appliques from PaviaPavia (Yes, I just wrote fancyfied. Consider it a new word.) and I mentioned that I had another DIY inspired by her shop coming this week. Here it is! The perfect necklace to spunk up that LBD (aka Little Black Dress. I sure did have to google that when I first heard it…)

So to start you need:

a felt applique (I got mine from PaviaPavia on Etsy.),
some felt to back it,
some jewelry chain,
a lobster clasp and o-rings (I bought the 7.5″ chain pictured because Hobby Lobby didn’t have any clasps/o-rings that matched my chain),
a hot glue gun,
sewing needle,
needle nose pliers,
and some scissors (although an exacto knife would be easier).

I decided where I wanted my chain to go, sandwiched it between the applique and felt, then hot glued it in place so it wouldn’t move. Cut around the applique (this is where an exacto would be easier, but I couldn’t find mine for the life of me.).

Figure out how low you want your necklace to hang, then remove the excess chain by opening the links with the needle nose pliers. Attach your lobster clasp and O-ring.

Now, you could be done there, if you glued the felt down well enough. But I chose to sew the edges, and the blanket stitch gave it a pretty finished look (and hid some of my awful trim job. Damn scissors.).

And there it is. A fun necklace that seriously only took about an hour. I actually finished it before I went to work one morning!

Now, I have something fancy to wear out for my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, you should friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already. How can you say no? It’s almost my birthday!



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