DIY with Jenna: Clay Wedding Flower Pot

Here are instructions on how to make a simple flower pot.  I am making 200 of these for favors at my wedding in May.  I needed a design that was simple and easy.  I just changed the textures to keep it interesting.

For this project I used a Modeling tool, Knife, Needle Tool, Metal Rib, Slip, and a Template.

First, I pounded out 1lb of clay and rolled it flat to about 1/4in thick.  On the last roll I put burlap over the clay for texture.

Next I used my template to cut the clay.  I used an old piece of linoleum because it holds up well against the wet clay after many uses.  Then I shaped the piece, scored, and put slip on the edges so they will attach well.  (Slip is liquid clay: A potter’s glue)

I save the extra clay from the original slab to cut a bottom for the pot.  Again I slip and score the areas to be attached.  Then I take the metal rib and compress the attachment, make the bottom concave, and push the extra clay up around the bottom edge of the pot.

For the last step I make little buttons to put on the attachment seam.  I use the modeling tool to make indentations in them.  Then I let it dry and fire it in the kiln!  I won’t glaze them to save time.  Because they are flower pots its good to leave the clay unglazed and porous anyways.  This clay fires to a nice white color.

If you’d like to see more detailed instructions, or see what else I am up to, visit my blog!


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