Meet andrearodgers…

“Hello, I am Andrea. I live in Albuquerque with my unbelievably supportive Fiance and our two cats, Zeus and Artemis, and our sensitive dog, Richard. I will admit that I am somewhat of a cat lady although I abhor the idea of being THAT cat lady, if you know what I mean. I am a total nerd (No Reservations/30 Rock/ Mad Men variety). I am an artist, and I love it! And I have obsessions with textures and the feel of materials. I love blurry photographs, knots, nails, string, torn/crumpled paper, and chaos that seems barely controlled. I have a portfolio website if you would like to some more of my work, a blog where I write about it, and an Etsy shop where I sell it. As always thank you for your time, and join me on Facebook if you feel like it!”

1) What is it that you make? Why? How Did you get Started doing it?(ok, 3 questions there, but more like an explain your initial answer)

“Primarily I am a painter. But I like building and assembling things too. Why? Well, I am not really sure.

Right now, I have a few series that I am working on. I have nudes painted on assembled bits of scrap wood. I call that series “Eve”, primarily because the nude women seem to know shame. They are autobiographical but not exactly portraits. They are an ongoing series, and are available at The Wooden Cow Gallery in Albuquerque.

The series I have on Etsy is “Predator/Prey”. When I started these I was thinking a lot about what it is that we eat and wondering if it is natural. And I looked at Predator/Prey relationships in the wild. It is a beautifully cruel system, one that we have removed ourselves from. Where did this steak, these eggs, that milk come from? We don’t like to think about it. It is important for a number of reasons. So out of respect to the Predator/Prey relationship, I decided to make some simple little paintings. These paintings are also currently available at The Octopus and The Fox, a new little shop on Central.

And I just started a brand new series! I am so very excited about it.”

2) What is it that drives you to create? Have you always been an artist/crafter?

“Part of it is that it makes me happy to make things I find beautiful. Another part is that I have to paint or saw or nail or glue or whatever to stay sane. I am unhappy if I can’t make it into my studio to work for a few days. Working in my studio really helps me clear my mind; it is meditative.

And Yes. My parents got my sister and I crafting early. I remember my Mom sitting us at the kitchen table and telling us to draw so we would be quiet and she could watch “The Young and The Restless”. And then in elementary school we joined Camp Fire. That was Art and Crafts Heaven.

Since then I have been taking art classes regularly. And I have been lucky to have some AH-MAY-ZING art teachers who pushed me to be better than I thought I was.”

3) What are your plans for your etsy business-and what do you hope it will do for you in 2011?

“I would really love to get prints of my work to sell in my shop. That is one of the goals for this year. I want to start advertising and promoting my shop as well. I have failed seriously in that department thus far. But it all comes with practice, right? (Please say yes:)

This year I want to increase the traffic and sales in my Etsy shop. I would love to be at a point where I am selling enough on Etsy, in galleries, and through consignments, that I can “Quit My Day Job”. I am aiming high!”




‘andrearodgers’ by nomadcraftsetc


















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  1. Wonderful work and article.

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