I <3 Skiing!

One of my favorite things about New Mexico for me is the winter.   Now that may seem weird for a girl from Florida, but really its the only time of year that can feed my newest addiction…

Now this little addiction is only fostered by the fact that there is not only 1 but 2 options to ski for cheap.  Out here they have ski cards, which you may or may not have heard of.  These cards your purchase at the beginning of the season for minimal amount and they allow you to ski at a variety of locations one time (with a few black out dates).

The first option is from the American Lung Association and the profits of course go to a great cause.  The other options comes from NM Xtreme Sports, who organizes great group trips to ski locations.

The cards both include the New Mexican Ski locations:

Then there are some Colorado locations too:

Now I know you are thinking it’s kind of late in the season to be telling you this, but almost all of these ski resorts also offer some great Summer opportunities such as discus golf, mountain biking, hiking and camping…so check them out for year round fun!

Keep it real and keep it crafty!


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