Meet Mouse Pants

Oh what a beautiful and fun shop! I loved doing this interview! Thank you MousePants!

1) What is it that you make? Why? How Did you get Started doing it?(ok, 3 questions there, but more like an explain your initial answer)

“I make needle felted miniatures, art dolls, artist teddy bears, and little animal sculptures out of wool. I first got interested in needle felting as a way to adorn knitted things (my other passion), but didn’t really take to it. Then I discovered three dimensional needle felting and fell in love. At the time there were very few artists doing 3D needle felting and not a lot of information was available so I pretty much figured it out as I went along and developed my own techniques and style which I think now sets my work apart from the droves of people who have taken up the craft.”

2) What is it that drives you to create? Have you always been an artist/crafter?

“I have been crafting since before I can remember. I have busy hands that always have to be doing something so it is soothing to me to have a project going that I can keep them busy with. It is very rewarding to create things that other people love as much as I do, but ultimately I create creatures that I adore and would want in my own home. At this point I have a whole host of characters in my head waiting to be felted out and not enough time to make each one a reality. I have a very rich fantasy life full of dancing rats and pigs in overalls. Making my little felties is my way of making that world a little more real.”

3) What are your plans for your etsy business-and what do you hope it will do for you in 2011?

“I really want to keep the ball rolling. Things have been going pretty well the past few months and I would like to keep that momentum. I’m trying to add some smaller, less pricey items so everyone can afford to have a piece of MousePants of their own and working on some larger, more impressive show pieces as well. I am only working part time right now and my ultimate goal is that my Etsy business can fill in that extra income and I can treat my art like a real second job. And you can add a small bio about your life right now-or in the past and any other tidbits you would like including any other links you would like to include I’m a New Mexico native. I live in Albuquerque with two cats and two dogs and a giant stash of yarn and craft supplies. Other than art, my loves include knitting and crochet, coffee, reading, vintage kokeshi dolls, talking daily with my mom, and collecting far too many shoes for someone who mostly prefers to be barefoot. ”

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‘MousePants’ by nomadcraftsetc

Part of the New Mexy Etsy Team! This team member ROCKS!

















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