Meet RPotterStudio…

What a great Interveiw from a Fellow New Mexy Etsy Team member!

“R.Potter= A nomadic woman, an addict of creation and an enthusiast of “attempting”. A never ending conduit of inspiration and ideas. A mind fond of combining art and business.”

1) What is it that you make? Why? How Did you get Started doing it?(ok, 3 questions there, but more like an explain your initial answer)

“I make bloks which are mini paintings that combine a word and an object. Back in 2004 (before things like etsy) i saw a lot of peoples homes with the same IKEA poster and i wondered why they weren’t buying things from their local artists instead. When it would be good for the artists and better for the look of their homes. So i decided to make mini affordable paintings and those turned into bloks.”

2) What is it that drives you to create? Have you always been an artist/crafter?

“Born a creator i think. Insatiable desire to make things since i can remember. Can’t seem to shake it out of me even when i want to.”

3) What are your plans for your etsy business-and what do you hope it will do for you in 2011?

“My plans for 2011 are to expand into monthly limited editions with unique packaging and bonus items each month. To also add a monthly subscription option. This year i am hoping to reach a broader audience and make the bloks themselves even more unique.”

Find out more about RPotterStudio here.


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