Meet sdevoshandbags…

What a fun interview with Suzanne of sdevoshandbags!
Check it out and then go and checkout her fun and fabulous bags! Perfect for everyone!

1) What do I make?
“I make bags – you can’t have too many bags or shoes – I hand knit them and then shrink them in the washing machine (Fulling – sometimes referred to as felting).”

2) Why?
“OK there are 2 answers here – A – practical and B – metaphysical
B I don’t know- I think I am a compulsive knitter. I have always had a surplus of energy and keeping my fingers busy seems to clear my mind.
A I started making these bags 12 years ago and of course every one wanted one and then I started selling the extras in stores.”

3) How did I get started?
“I started knitting as a teenager ( my mom taught me) and then did a college semester in Scotland ( land of sheep and wool) so got serious about it there. There is something very satisfying about making something beautiful that is useful as well. I like the feel of wool, mohair, cotton, etc. – all those sensations in your fingertips. I also like COLOR. I always have 2 or 3 projects going – several bags, a sweater, and one LONG term(read small needles) – at the same time.”

4) What drives me to create?
“This is like asking “What’s the meaning of life ?” – some impulse – sometimes internal, sometimes external.”

5) Have I always been an artist/crafter?
“Yes. I am trained as a Landscape Architect and had my own business creating gardens for 20 years. I also like to paint, draw and write – didn’t earn a living from these however.”

6) What are my plans for my Etsy business?
“Keep Knitting – try new patterns, color combinations, adding other materials (ribbons, beads, FEATHERS – I am crazy about those), needle felting. I thought I’d start a blog and maybe (BIG MAYBE) a website.”

7) What do I hope it will do for me in 2011?
“Besides making $? I’d like to expand my horizons – I have that google analytics feature and I love that people in Japan and Australia are looking at my products. It makes me wonder about their cultures and how would they create a bag – what colors, motifs, ideas would they use? More inspiration!”


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