All About Team Challenges

Team Challenges are rather open ended, as the artist can choose to interpret the monthly subject as you see it in an art form.

The format of the challenges is that a poll will be posted to vote on the challenge ideas. A Poll for the upcoming challenge will be posted in the blog and will be open for 1 week. The winning subject will then also be posted in the blog prior to the beginning of the next challenge. Then choose to participate in the challenges you want (this is optional, you can do all or none if you choose, however the more the merrier!). Challenges are technically due the last day of the of the quarter. For example, the first quarter challenge is voted on in December, the entries posted by January 1st, and all challenge entries are due by March 31st.

The challenge entry should be listed in our:

  1. team discussion forum
  2. flickr group
  3. Tagged in your shop as ‘newmexyetsy challenge’

At the end of the challenge we’ll get a treasury (or more if needed) to share everyone’s items, as well as on the team blog. If you can’t finish in time don’t worry about it – you are still welcome to post it as a team challenge piece and share with us!

Challenges rotate between three themes: Life in New Mexico, famous New Mexicans, and New Mexican words/phrases/quotes. These will be randomly chosen, though effort will be made to include fields that team members are in. Occasionally, the challenge will be focused on a Holiday or Worldwide Event.

Remember these are always up to your interpretation – be creative and inventive!


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