New Mexy Etsy Participation Requirements

Participation Requirement
Team members are required to participate 1 time every 6 months (1 time during Jan-June, 1 time during July-Dec).

Why have a participation requirement?

  • To foster participation within the group
  • To share some of the work across the team, rather than just a few doing most of the work
  • To discourage those who want to join just for the sake of joining a team and have no intentions of ever actually participating

How often do I need to meet the requirement?
The requirement must be met every 6 months, for a total of 2 times a year.

How do I meet the participation requirement?
There are several ways to fulfill your participation requirement including:

  • Post to team blog (please don’t just do self promos!),
  • Submit article to Etsy or other sites about the team
  • Complete a team challenge (occur monthly)
  • Create a team treasury (search tag New Mexy Team)
  • Create a team promo item (for a team website/blog or for team members use)
  • Participate in special team activities (such as a team sale)
  • Organize a team Meet Up (in response to Etsy Meetup calls or independently)
  • Volunteer for team management/tasks

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